Tonči Tadić, Croatian Fusion Research Unit Coordinator and researcher at RBI, presented the role of the institution in the different international projects related to fusion, including IFMIF-DONES

The Ruđer Bošković Institute (RBI) participated last June 9 in the Power and Energy Masters Conference in Croatia. The conference organised jointly the 14th International Symposium Power and Process Plants and the 9th International Forum on Renewable Energy Sources.

Tonči Tadić, Croatian Fusion Research Unit Coordinator and researcher at RBI, participated in the event with the video presentation ‘Fusion technology – opportunity for Croatia’. The researcher analysed the interest of the Croatian government in fusion research and its support to different projects promoted by EUROfusion, such as DONES and ITER.

Tadić explained that RBI’s commitment, as partner in the ITER project, includes the participation of its scientists in research projects and the promotion of the participation of Croatian companies in this energy research initiative. In addition, the role of RBI in the construction of DONES, as partner in the preparatory phase of the project, was analysed, with CIEMAT as the leading institution of this initiative.

Tonči Tadić reminded that the construction of DONES and DEMO are the main goals of Croatia’s work in the field of fusion and highlighted the importance of education and training of the new generations of researchers in this field. The researcher and Coordinator of the Croatian Fusion Research Unit at RBI stated that fusion technology represents great potential for the Croatian scientific community, but also business opportunities for its economy.