It will be the first time that this international conference is held in Spain

Every two years, the International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials (ICFRM) brings together the leading scientists and technologists in this field. The nineteenth edition of this conference was held in La Jolla, San Diego (California, USA) from October 27 to November 1 in 2019’s edition.

CIEMAT representatives at ICFRM-19. From left to right: Dr. Edgar León-Gutiérrez, Dr. Fernando Mota, Dr. Mª del Pilar Fernández Paredes and Dr. Ángel Ibarra

During the conference, the applications submitted to host and organize the next meeting were also evaluated. In the previous edition, CIEMAT presented a candidacy to hold the next conference in Spain. Granada was the place chosen for the ICFRM-20, which will take place in 2021, with Dr. Ángel Ibarra Sánchez as general chair and Dr. M.ª Pilar Fernández Paredes as chair of Local Organization Committee. It will be the first time that this international conference is held in Spain, highlight of the high scientific and technological level of our country in the field of fusion energy. 

The ICFRM-19 had more than three hundred participants from China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, the United Kingdom and the USA, among other countries, who through invited talks, oral presentations and posters, were able to exchange, share and discuss the different scientific and technological advances at the forefront of nuclear fusion application materials. In addition, this conference offered the opportunity to establish new international research collaborations in this area.