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DONES-PreP gathers over 100 companies to explore business opportunities related to IFMIF-DONES

The preparatory activities for the commissioning of the accelerator will generate over €26 million in contracts for science industry in the next 3 years The construction of the first liquid metal and radiofrequency laboratories, the DONES-UGR Research Centre, the design of prototypes for the operation of the particle accelerator and the electric supply connections for […]

New call for a preliminary consultation to hire the preparation of a cost-benefit analysis for IFMIF-DONES

Deadline for applications on June 11 The University of Granada has launched a call for a preliminary market consultation to hire the preparation of a cost-benefit analysis for IFMIF-DONES. The aim of this consultation is to obtain information from different economic actors to define accurately what is needed to prepare and publish a public procurement […]

IFMIF-DONES in the opening ceremony of Gravite Festival

This multidisciplinary festival will organise its third edition next 15th to 20th of June The third edition of the Gravite Festival in Granada will take place next 15th to 20th of June, with an opening session about IFMIF-DONES. Ángel Ibarra Technical Director of IFMIF-DONES and Head of the Fusion Technologies Division at CIEMAT, will participate […]

Colloquium about IFMIF-DONES with neighbours and entrepreneurs of Escúzar organised by the European project DONES-PreP

The Director of IFMIF-DONES, Ángel Ibarra, addressed socioeconomic aspects of the facility and answered the attendees’ questions Neighbours and entrepreneurs from Escúzar, the town where the IFMIF-DONES particle accelerator will be built if it is finally decided to be constructed in Europe, were gathered last April 22 at an online colloquium to discuss in depth […]

CIEMAT organises webinar about the role of IFMIF-DONES in the development of fusion as a source of energy

The series Conciencia gathered representatives and researchers from CIEMAT, the University of Granada and Empresarios Agrupados The role of IFMIF-DONES in the development of fusion as a source of energy was the central topic of the webinar organised last April 8 by CIEMAT, within the scope of the ConCiencia series. This online session was attended […]

Ten predoctoral contracts at the University of Granada related to the IFMIF-DONES project

An Expression of Interest process has been initiated to identify solvent research projects in cooperation between UGR and CIEMAT The University of Granada has announced 10 predoctoral contracts for doctoral theses related to the IFMIF-DONES project. The deadline for applications closes next April 27 at 14.00. To this end, the UGR has initiated an Expression […]

‘LIPAc validation is a challenge of the utmost importance in the decision-making process to mitigate the risks of the construction of DONES’

Philippe Cara, IFMIF/EVEDA Project Leader Philippe Cara, Project Leader of IFMIF/EVEDA, works at the forefront of the international race towards nuclear fusion. Mr Cara has led the LIPAc accelerator project in Rokkasho for three years, a key infrastructure for the construction of IFMIF-DONES. -As leader of the LIPAc accelerator project in Rokkasho of the EVEDA […]

UGR and CIEMAT organise workshop for researchers to explore future collaboration in IFMIF-DONES

The entities identified possible lines of research at the event The first IFMIF-DONES workshop was celebrated last March 10, organised by CIEMAT and the University of Granada (UGR) in an online format. The aim was to explore future collaboration between the entities within the framework of the IFMIF-DONES Project. CIEMAT and UGR research groups presented […]

‘Entrepreneurs are certain that IFMIF-DONES is key for the future of Granada’

Gerardo Cuerva, President of CEPYME, OnGranada Tech City, CGE and Cámara Granada Gerardo Cuerva is President of the two main economic organisations in Granada: Confederation of Employers in Granada (CGE) and the Chamber of Commerce of Granada. Gerardo Cuerva is also President of the IT and biotechnological cluster OnTech Innovation, an initiative launched by the […]