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‘In-kind contributions will play an essential role in IFMIF-DONES. It is an attractive funding scheme for international partners’

Marek Lewitowicz – Chairman of the Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee (NuPECC) Prof. Dr Marek Lewitowicz is the Chairman of the Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee (NuPECC), one of the Expert Committees of European Science Foundation. He is currently Research Director of the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique at GANIL laboratory in Caen (France). He […]

‘A complex endeavour such as the development of fusion energy can certainly benefit from combining the efforts worldwide’

Paola Batistoni – Head of the Fusion Development Unit of ENEA Paola Batistoni started working in fusion research more than thirty-five years ago at the ENEA Centre in Frascati. Since the beginning, Batistoni has been involved in fusion technology, in particular in fusion neutronics, both on tokamak diagnostics (on FTU, JET, TFTR, ITER) and on […]

‘Knowledge is the basis to believe in anything, hence Gravite’s commitment to the accelerator’

Jesús Lens, Director of Gravite Festival Jesús Lens is communicator, cultural manager and Codirector of multicultural festivals Gravite and Granada Noir. Having worked in the legal sector and corporate communication, Jesús Lens currently works independently, writing columns in the IDEAL local newspaper since 1997 and as a regular collaborator to different media. Jesús Lens has […]

‘LIPAc validation is a challenge of the utmost importance in the decision-making process to mitigate the risks of the construction of DONES’

Philippe Cara, IFMIF/EVEDA Project Leader Philippe Cara, Project Leader of IFMIF/EVEDA, works at the forefront of the international race towards nuclear fusion. Mr Cara has led the LIPAc accelerator project in Rokkasho for three years, a key infrastructure for the construction of IFMIF-DONES. -As leader of the LIPAc accelerator project in Rokkasho of the EVEDA […]

‘Entrepreneurs are certain that IFMIF-DONES is key for the future of Granada’

Gerardo Cuerva, President of CEPYME, OnGranada Tech City, CGE and Cámara Granada Gerardo Cuerva is President of the two main economic organisations in Granada: Confederation of Employers in Granada (CGE) and the Chamber of Commerce of Granada. Gerardo Cuerva is also President of the IT and biotechnological cluster OnTech Innovation, an initiative launched by the […]

“Many particle accelerators are already using our timing solutions. In a remarkable way, other key facilities are in the field of Astrophysics and telescopes Arrays”

Rafael Rodríguez, Co-founder and CTO of Seven Solutions Rafael Rodríguez is a Computer Engineer graduated from the University of Granada. His main interests are embedded and FPGA-based systems, time synchronization, frequency distribution and deterministic communications. He is co-founder and head of the Technology Department (CTO) of Seven Solutions. During the last 15 years, he has […]

‘If we want to move towards a sustainable productive model, I am convinced that Spain needs to support Science, support DONES’

Carlos Alejaldre, Director-General of CIEMAT Carlos Alejaldre holds a degree in Physics by the University of Zaragoza and received his Doctorate in Electrophysics at the Polytechnic Institute of New York, where he worked until he returned to Spain in 1986. Before being appointed Director-General at Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas (CIEMAT) in 2018, […]

‘This is a unique opportunity for companies in Granada and it should be conceived as a vital lifeline for the future of our economy’

Javier López y García de la Serrana, Director-General of HispaColex Javier López y García de la Serrana founded HispaColex as another way of understanding the legal profession, based on preventive counselling, and providing agile and specialised services. Javier López has worked in the business sector for 30 years, endorsing him as a strategic counsellor in […]

‘Fusion is a big scientific and technological challenge that can change the energy paradigm, but it will take time’

María Teresa Domínguez, Executive Director in Advanced Projects and R&D at Empresarios Agrupados María Teresa Domínguez is the Executive Director in Advanced Projects and R&D at Empresarios Agrupados. Empresados Agrupados, founded in 1971, provides services to the international electric sector and has a wide experience in projects related to nuclear fusion. Throughout her 30 years […]

‘The University of Granada is creating quality employment and high-tech services related to IFMIF-DONES, while promoting the project with cutting-edge research’

Pilar Aranda, Rector of the University of Granada In 2015 Pilar Aranda Ramírez became the first woman to be at the forefront the University of Granada in its 500 year-history. Professor in Physiology, Dr. Aranda has combined both her passion for teaching and research with management responsibilities at the highest level. In this sense, before […]