IFMIF-DONES: strategic research infrastructure

The International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility-DEMO Oriented NEutron Source, (IFMIF-DONES), as well as being an important step to develop valuable technologies in different fields: accelerators with high intensity and high power cycles, liquid metal loops and advanced control systems, will perform a transcendent role to use nuclear fusion in the massive production of energy. In doing so, Europe remains at the forefront of nuclear fusion science and technology development.

As mentioned above, the DONES-Prep phase will consolidate the technical design of IFMIF-DONES as a result of international collaboration, opening the facility to other scientific, technological and industrial communities.

Importance of being an ESFRI facility

Because of its great scope, in 2006 it was proposed that IFMIF-DONES entered the ESFRI Roadmap, initiative that crystallized in Roadmap 2018, giving rise to a set of eighteen relevant European projects. This way IFMIF-DONES has entered in the ESFRI Landmarks Portfolio, which gathers the most relevant research infrastructures available to scientists in Europe.

It should be borne in mind that ESFRI facilities identify those resources or services (instrumental equipment, archives and databases, communication networks, etc.) that European scientific community has identified as being of the highest level for carrying out strategic scientific research activities and achieving excellence in technological innovation.